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Dear Reader, Thank you for stopping by. Here is how you can republish and translate our content. If you have any questions about publishing our content and copyrights please email to: copyrights [at] fnf [dot] vc.


  1. Keep the logo and authorship of the original intact
  2. Keep the original design including colors, icons, text, and all other graphic elements unchanged

Sharing On Social Media

  1. Tag Funders and Founders page when sharing on Facebook.  If you need help with tagging, please read “how to tag people or pages” 
  2. Tag @fundersfounders when sharing on Twitter.
  3. Tag @fundersandfounders on Instagram, tag fundersfounders on Pinterest, tag +Fundersandfounders on Google+
  4. Optionally tag the author of the infographic, if the name appears on the graphic. Ex: @annavitals
F&F Facebook and Twitter credits

Facebook and Twitter sharing credits DOs and DON’Ts examples

Crediting is very important. It helps stop piracy. Extra credits bring extra karma. Crediting gives the creators of infographics motivation to create more and share more.

Pirating is not creating. When content is stolen, creation stops.


Sharing On Blogs and Websites

  1. Provide a link to the source on under each image you publish in a visible font size no smaller than 70% from your main text size. And the second link mentioning the author name in first paragraph of an article. So each article should have at least 2 links
  2. To locate the source, google the name of the graphic adding ”” in the end of the query. For example “how funding works site:fundersandfounders”, “how much time we have”. If no sources are found, you can link to home page.
  3. If you run ads on your website, on the page with our content, please give extra credits, mentioning Funders and Founders and/or authors of the infographic in the article linking to our page. Alternatively, you can mention us in the end of the article, “reprinted by Funders and Founders”


  1. Don’t change the image in any way, by adding or removing anything. One exception is resizing the image.
  2. Don’t link the image to websites other than
  3. Don’t print links to Funders and Founders in a font smaller than 70% from main article text, or in an otherwise unreadable font
  4. Don’t crop or resize the graphic



All translations should be approved with our copyright team, which you can reacn via copyright @ fnf [dot] vc.

  1. Leave all text and design intact. That means change nothing  – colors, fonts, icons, graphics, text and everything else stays the same (the exception is Arabic where the writing will go from right to left, or any other language that reads from right to left).
  2. Funders and Founders authorship and logo must remain intact.
  3. You may credit yourself as the translator of our infographic in the footer of the graphic. You must use 12-point font or font size no larger than 70% of the font in Funders and Founders logo. We prefer Helvetica. Align the translator credit with our logo. The translator must be listed in this format “translated by Name Last_Name” or “translated by Name_of_Organization” No links are permitted in the translator credit.
  4. When you share the translated infographic on social media, please tag our page OR add a link to the original post on Funders and Founders.
  5. On other social media and websites, include a link to source on


  1. You must not add any logos, or authors, or any other text to the infographic.
  2. Change Funders and Founders logo, authorship, graphics, and sources in color, size, location, or in any other way.
F&F content translation do and don't

translation DOs and DON’Ts


We currently do not provide high-quality print to individuals. However we will be able to issue limited content licenses to organizations in the nearest future.


Notice: By republishing and/or translating our images and articles you automatically agree to abiding by these Terms and Conditions.