Life 3.0 – Love, Sex, and Tech

Life 3.0 is an innovation show by startups that change the way you live.  Life 3.0 is the next era after Web 2.0, when internet comes off the screen and enters our lives.You will see how startups are redesigning dating, social interaction, relationships, and sexual experiences.  

               WHEN      April 18th, 2012, 7:00pm

               WHERE   The Fairmont Hotel 950 Mason St. San Francisco

               WHAT      50 startups + 800 early adopters, funders, and media


If you stopped by the Fairmont Hotel on the night of Apr 18, you would have seen what happens what you put startup entrepreneurs to the task of creating dating and sex products. No, it was not your regular dating sites. How about reverse dating sites? iPhone vibrators? Slow Sex manuals? Date-in-a-box? DINK (double-income no-kids) life?
45 different startups came to complete for the title of the Best Startup. Judged and moderated by Anna Vital along with a panel of investors. The entire audience of more than 500 people voted. And the winners is – a New York Startup that enables you to let good-looking strangers know that you are interested. Founded by Lori Cheek, a startupper, passionate as a billion dollars, Cheek mails her cards all over the U.S. inspiring everyone who believes in love at first sight to act on their dreams when they sight a dreamy stranger.


Pictures From The Event


The most innovative dating, relationship, and sex startups.


Life 3.0 speakers and investors

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