Life 3.0 – Future Social Networks

Life 3.0 is a show of startups with a vision. The 3.0 era is what comes after web2.0 At our show early adopters of cool products can try them out and startups can meet investors. Everyone votes on the best startups at the show. Then we all hear from the winners as they pitch on stage.

               WHEN      September 13th, 2012, 6:30pm

               WHAT      startups + 500 early adopters, funders, and media

               WHERE   The Fairmont Hotel 950 Mason St. San Francisco

 This month our topic is Future Social Networks – come and find out how your future will be different as startup companies are making the world more and more connected. Judged and moderated by Anna Vital along with a panel of investors.

Pictures From The Event

The Speakers

Participating Startups

Soniqplay Soniqplay is an innovator in Digital music. · @Soniqplay
GAINfitness GAIN Fitness, Simply the Best Personal Training App. · @GAINfitness
JoynMe App Now it’s easier to spontaneously plan or join activities you love. Joyn people for basketball, dog park play dates, poker, soccer, and more! · @joynme
Trace App A fun way to share and discover the things that matter most to you. · @trace_app
Twigloo :: Twigloo :: | Simplifying life · @TwiglooApp
Waddle Instant group albums. Connect and privately create memories together with friends. · @WaddleApp
Spill We bring #empathy online. Our service lets you #spill about life’s highs and lows privately & receive confidential feedback from people who have been there. · @Spill
GiftSimple The stuff you want, from the people you know. Register for a gift and tap into your social network to pool contributions from friends & family. · @GiftSimple
Social IQ The universal measure of social influence, inside the ultimate marketing tool for the social web. · @Social_IQ
PayGuard Opening payments to 2 billion internet connected but under-banked individuals worldwide…..BOOM! · @mypayguard
StarsVu Democratize video production by integrating Collaboration, Script Writing, & Video Editing tools -eliminate need for expensive hardware/software & Studio access · @StarsVu
Clionee Clionee is a visual-communication based social media. Let’s make and share visual story with graphic fonts, brushes and various stickers. · @visualecriture
Outpic Get the latest photos of your favorite performers, teams and venues taken by fans at events worldwide. Like us on Facebook: · @out_pic
Pinstagram View Instagram Photos on the Web and iPad. Tweets by @pekpongpaet · @Pinstagram
Kumu Harness the power of relationships. Kumu is a visual data platform that allows you to map your relationships. Get started today at: · @kumupowered lets you approve your favorite things in the world! · @approvesit
I Am Mpowered I Am Mpowered helps socially responsible businesses achieve viral exposure for their donations · @I_am_Mpowered
ChoreMonster Make chores fun while engaging and rewarding your kids – tweets by @hallicious · @ChoreMonster
Pathbrite Pathbrite ePortfolios help students collect, track and showcase a lifetime of learning and achievement, and recommend pathways for continuous success. · @Pathbrite
OneTaste Founders of the Slow Sex Movement. Agents of Desire and Turn-On. Coaching and classes on Desire, Relationships and Orgasm. · @OneTaste
Quilt Stitch together the life you share with the people you love on Quilt, the realtime scrapbook built by you and the people you love. · @quilt
Twalop Twalop lets you sell anything, from anywhere. No store fees, no cart set ups. Accept payments via social networks. · @ItsTwalop
Undrip Our social networks are like a broken faucet — great content often leaks. Drip, drip, drip… Undrip stops that leaky faucet. · @undrip
Erogear Creator of the world’s first affordable, wearable video platform. · @ErogearLLC
Paul Whitaker Pilot and Founder of yALLDO · @paulwhitaker
Hipiti We simplify and organize your shopping into a personalized dashboard. We’re in private beta – sign up to get an invite. · @hipiti
Swapidy is the safest online solution to trade your used/new items with other people. · @Swapidy
Atticous Atticous helps you create a beautiful website in minutes, by meaningfully relating all your existing content from various platforms/services. · @Atticous
Speeksy Speeksy is a Real Time Social Discovery app that allows Facebook members to meet new friends via chat & video in an environment analogous to a bar or cafe. · @SpeeksyTweet
WotWentWrong Finding out wotwentwrong in dating and relationships. Find out. Learn. Move on! · @wotwentwrong
NewsUp NewsUp is a game for reading the news that matters to you. · @newsuptweets
Symbyoz We help making friendships awesome. · @symbyoz
Springshot, inc. Blue collar. Gamification. A mobile platform that converts physical labor into a social · @springshot_com
Traverie Explore travel through friends. Your personal interactive travel magazine with content from your friends! · @Traverie