How to Learn Fast – Comparing Speed of Learning [Infographic]

You can learn faster than you are learning now, almost certainly. The trick to learning fast is that  you skip the learning and start doing the thing you want to learn. In the process what happens is kinesthetic learning – that is learning by doing.

how to learn fast

The distance from  San Francisco to London is approx. 5500 miles.

The result is better for two reasons. One is you get a job done. It goes into your virtual portfolio – you can tell about it to your future employer, impress friends, and brag at parties. Because you’ve done it, not just studied to do it. The second benefit is that learning by doing is free. You pay no tuition. So what is the catch? You have to be brave. Don’t be scared of not knowing, take it as an opportunity to show what you can do.

Either way you have to learn something in life. You can take years to do it, or you can learn fast. MIght as well just learn fast and get on to the big stuff.

How do others learn fast?

  • Learning by reading is like walking. If you walked 24 hours a day, and wore levitation boots you would arrive in London in 1833 hours.
  • Learning through school is like biking. If you bike 24 hours a day, you will make it ti London in 366 hours.
  • Learning from a mentor is like driving. If you drive 24 hours a day, you will be in London in 85 hours.
  • Learning by doing is like flying a plane. In 11 hours you will get there.
  • Learning by taking big risks – it’s like flying a rocket. And that is, in fact, what the a lot of successful entrepreneurs do. Richard Branson does it literally.  If flew a rocket, you will be in London in 33 minutes.

Entrepreneurs have the fastest speed of learning. You can learn faster if you:

  • Jump in the water, then sink or swim – if you swim it took you 1 minute to learn
  • Sell a product you don’t have to a big corportation (like Bill Gates did)
  • Quite your job and use all your savings to start a company

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