Inside the Investor’s Mind Jeff Clavier Walks Throught Early Investment – Infographic

Whether you ever raise funding from investors or not, you as an entrepreneur really benefit from being able to see your business through the investor’s eyes.

Jeff Clavier Early Investment Infographic

Below is a part of our conversation with Jeff.

How Does Investor Jeff Clavier Think?

For that I talked to one of the most respected early venture capitalists in Silicon Valley, Jeff Clavier. Together we distilled the mental process he goes through when he looks at an early-stage business. Jeff is French, a founder and a VC who’s managing a $55,000,000 fund this year. Here is a preview of the infographic. Let me know what you think.

According to Jeff, investor decision process is based on the following factors:

  • team
  • product
  • traction
  • market opportunity
  • valuation
  • funding
  • founder dilution
  • other investors
  • founder
  • funds contacted
  • cost of funding

This all can be summed up in the “3 Asses Rule”:

  • smart ass team
  • kick ass product
  • big ass market

You can also view the presentation version of this infographic.

Based on Jeff Clavier presentation “Startups By Numbers” and interview by Anna Vital.