The Next Billion – Women Entrepreneurs [Infographic]

Today the number of entrepreneurs in the world is 380 million. That means for every nineteen people you meet – one will be an entrepreneur. Is that a lot? I think that’s very low actually. What are the other 18 doing? Ok, some of them are kids, some are seniors. Then again, these categories probably would benefit the most from being entrepreneurs because they have a hard time getting a job. But I digress – what about the rest – what are people doing that’s not entrepreneurship, that is what are they doing that makes money without them creating/inventing opportunities? One might think they all have jobs… They don’t – only 61% of world’s population have any sort of a job.

Now let’s deduct all the youth below 18 years old, seniors over 65, and we get roughly 1 Billion – the number of people that don’t have anything to put in their “occupation” field. So, who are these people? And what is going on with them?

If there are fewer jobs, what else are you going to do? Be entrepreneur or get welfare. For this billion of women welfare is not an option, so you will be seeing them running everything from a bakery to a bread factory.