Finding Your Window of Opportunity – The Best Times To Start a Business [Infographic]

Window of opportunity is the best time in your life to start a business. Here is an infographic that illustrates the possible times of life:finding a window of opportunity infographic

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The best times in your life to start a business.

At my law school graduation the buzz word was “experience.” People were going into law firms to get it, and then go on to do great things, like become partners and CEOs. Maybe… The other truth is most of us used that word to cushion the fact that the majority of those highy qualified people thought they were not ready to take any big risks, like starting a company. And when you don’t get what you want, just about the only silver lining you can get is that experience, even if it’s not positive. So what makes smart, overqualified twenty-something delay going for the gold, and pursue “experience”? Aversion of risk. Obviously. Desire to delay hard decisions until life presents a better opportunity. On the other hand, the window of opportunity one has right after graduation is huge.

Window Of Opportunity For Entrepreneurs

For the entrepreneurial mind, the window is almost always open. Although, it may be getting smaller as years go by. Generally, every life event, positive or negative, is an opportunity to start a business. Even if absolutely nothing is going on in your life – let’s call it stability – it is a great opportunity to start a business. There is a major exception to that – and that is death. The window closes on that one. Take some time to examine the windows of opportunity, and see if life is presenting some of them right in front of you.