The Startup Marathon – How to Endure to the End [Infographic]

Building a startup is not a sprint. This is a marathon, with hurdles. The startup marathon is one without a definitely route. At many points of it, you will find yourself wondring about the routes you should take, and sometimes whether it is worth running at all. Here is a simple roadmap of the dilemmas you will have to wade through on your way to a successful startup.

startup marathon how to endure


At what point in your life should you do a startup? If you have an idea, are you better to  just do it now or continue in your job, building skills and money that might be helpful later on to better develop the idea?


Should you look for co-founders? Doing it alone will increase your control but may delay profit making until later.

Sharing the Pie

Do you want to raise funds from friends, family, acquaintances, former co-workers, or strangers, i.e. investors? Reaching beyond your social circle will increase your funding options  opportunities but will be less comfortable.


What type of investors will you reach out to at different stages of growth and what challenges will that involve?

Enjoy and let me know what you think.